Stuff my guy says about Twilight

Dear Twilight,

Over at LTR, we post about the funny things our guys say about Rob.  Well, my husband randomly said two hilarious things yesterday about YOU.

(Mr. D thinks I’m rediculous for loving Twilight, loving Rob and blogging obsessively about it. I often try to convince him I am awesome and not the crazy fan-girl he thinks I am)

Me: Some of the readers on the site think I should do stand up.
Mr. D: Oh, the same people who believe in vampires?


(Back when I knew nothing about the Twilight movie (I was SUCH a fan of the books that I refused to read/listen to/watch anything movie-related because I was so sure it would suck. How I regret all that time I could’ve spend loving Rob) I got the soundtrack- not knowing it was Rob singing two songs. I thought it was Ray LaMontagne)

Me: (while listening to Sirius radio) Oh- turn it up. It’s Ray LaMontagne. I love him
Mr. D: You just like him because of that guy.
Me: Nuh uh. I’ve liked him for forever. Anyway, what guy are you talking about? What’s his name?
Mr. D: Jake. From your blog “LettersToJake”


I’m taking a break and not reminding you about our Twi-alentine’s Day Contest today.

10 Responses

  1. @UC- I can so relate. My h thinks I’ve got a screw loose concerning my adoration for all things twi and of course Rob. They just do not understand!

  2. BTW, loved the comments Mr.D made! So funny! H also says I’m going through a mid-life crisis! (luckily he hasn’t seen the 750 pictures yet!)

  3. @UC–I think you should do stand up, I believe in vampires, and Ray had me at “Hold You In My Arms” years ago. Yay, you!

    Suck it, D!

    Kidding, of course.

    p.s. Man, I hope “Jake” wasn’t a Freudian slip…as in Jake-is-short-for-Jacob. SHUDDER!!!!!!! He’s got his Twi-dudes confused. Clearly he is not a unicorn.

  4. Mmm love love loooove me some Ray LaMontagne. Thats why I was so pleased to hear that Rob croons in the same sexy, panty-dropping way.
    Hmm you think Ray and Rob would collaborate and do a remake of my favorite song All The Wild Horses, perhaps into something like…. All The Wild Unicorns?

  5. I know our hubbys are disconnected, but to get Rob mixed up with Jacob, well, that is just unacceptable.

    My hubby knows its Rob I lust for, even if he thinks I’m being childish and pathetic.

  6. i laughed at the part where the hubby says,”oh,the same people who believe in vampires?” .oh yeah,,yeah,that would be us!

  7. @Amber my husband also.

    @UC love your husband’s comments.

  8. LOL UC and Mr. D! Letters to Jake. Priceless.

  9. I am currently reading the Harry Potters right now, and had this great convo with my hubby about Rob. At the first mention of Diggory, it mentions he is in Hufflepuff. For some reason, I thought the movie had him in Griffyndor, so I said to my hubby:

    Me: I think I found another difference in the book and movies. I thought the movie had Cedric Diggory in Griffyndor, but in the book he is in Hufflepuff.

    Mr. Amber: No, I’m pretty sure he had different colors then Harry. I think they had it right.

    Me: Well, we’ll just have to watch the movie again to see if I’m right. (and I can secretly ogle Rob)

    Mr. Amber: I’m pretty sure Rob had a different color than Harry.

    Seriously, he’s paid attention enough to know that was Rob. I’m impressed!

  10. Noooo! Not LetterstoJAKE! Ted would say that, just to piss me off.

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