Let’s hear it for the boys!

Dear LTT readers-

I know we made a New Years resolution to bring you more letters to the Twilight ladies. And we have! We’ve talked about them A LOT lately, in fact. But let’s get real here, we know why we all come here on a daily basis (besides extreme boredom at work). It’s to see some hot Cullen Boys action! That’s right, enough with the fake lesbo’s and girl talk and the mani/pedi’s- let’s get to the real deal, I’m talking hot Edward, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle action!

Bella who?

More Cullen boy video goodness after the jump…

Some SMOKIN pics (and annoying effects) in this one… if UC is bringing back ‘bang,’ I’m gonna bring back ‘bone’ because seriously I totally wanna bone a few Cullen boys. Seriously Carlisle, daaaang.

Watch this if you do nothing more than look at Kellan’s hair at :29! Woah. And then Kellan at 1:04 making me want to ‘nom nom nom’ him and that baby.

The Cullen boys want you to enter our Twi-alentines Day Contest NOW

16 Responses

  1. I’ve decided our new band’s name will be Bang & Bone. We will be so hardcore, the three of us. Let’s book our first gig in Vancouver. Deal?

  2. Thanks for the videos ladies.

  3. haha at 2:06 in the first one, I’m sorry to say that Jackson looks like one of the HT toolbags. And at 1:00 in the 3rd video with Kellan and the baby, lil’ ol’ Mikey ‘Oregano’ is standing in the background. Yes, I did pretty much disect each video… don’t judge me! LOL 😉

    Oh yeah! In the 3rd one, was that the EW photoshoot with Robert at 2:05?? I must have that shot as my phone wallpaper…

  4. My unicorn and I laughed out loud on this one…

  5. Does Rob need a random baby to kiss for the cameras? I have a little one that would be perfect, and its great PR…he just has to promise to give mommy a little sugar too?

  6. Nom. Nom. Nom, indeed!

  7. I know Moon posted a little clip of this over at LTR back in December, but I found a full version with more TwiScenes going through YouTube today… it’s priceless.

    Shall we tag it as rated R?

  8. @leigh anne – OMG bang & bone is hitting the road… the power trio coming to a movie location near you. seriously im using this moving forward! uc shall we duet on smitty’s ‘friends’ but then transition into ‘the boy is mine?’

    @jbell – NICE catch! you watch video like me… always looking for whats in the background!

    AND OMG at that video… we posted that first version of “jizz” but that one takes it to another level! we may need to append that new version.

  9. OME! That new Jizz video is hilarious. I am envious of the patience of the girl who pieced that video together to match the music. I have way to much Robsessing to do on line to take the time to do something like that.

    Loved it!

  10. Love the videos y’all posted, and the JIMP is priceless!

  11. i love those vids!!! tysm for postin them Moon and UC 🙂

  12. The Jizz in my Pants video was classic!!! I can’t believe that song even existed.

  13. omg!!! my video is up there!! it’s the third one

  14. LOL! Best Jizz ever!

    Good thing OMB was rubbing my back while I was watching these vids or I might not have been able to explain the moaning.

  15. seriously,the cullen boys are deLISH

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