What recession?

if you can get a dude to wear his n her lion n lamb necklaces you have far bigger problems than the recession

if you can get a dude to wear his n her lion n lamb necklaces you have far bigger problems than the recession

Dear Hot Topic,

I just read this news item from the New York Times and it says…

“While sales at most stores plummeted last month, the teenage retailer Hot Topic enjoyed a 6.5 percent gain, thanks mostly to brisk sales of gear inspired by Twilight, the teenage vampire movie.” [NYT]

All I have to say is: YOU’RE WELCOME!

While companies like Microsoft and Yahoo are downsizing and laying off thousands by the day you’re still going strong profiting off the obsession of freaks like me and all you gals here. Oh and my mom. Who knew selling crap like bandaids and buttons and $6.00 patches could keep a mall store afloat?

where do they get the toolbags who model this stuff?

where do they get the toolbags who model this stuff?

But you’re proving them wrong! Now if only you could sell the official calendar you might single-handedly save our entire economy. Are you listening Warren Buffet and Barack Obama? Get the Hot Topic folks in your financial cabinet and watch our economy bounce back. Now THAT’S change we can believe in!

Studded belts and pink hair dye,

Buy more crap!

Don’t wanna waste your money on more crap for Valentine’s Day? Why don’t you make something instead?! That’s right, enter the Twi-alentine’s Day Contest!! NOW! Prizes being announced shortly!

18 Responses

  1. @moon- LMAO, you got that right about the calendars! They’d be rolling in $. Love the comment about the ‘toolbags’! Still laughing…

  2. great letter! and i agree…where do get these toolbags to model this stuff????

  3. Ditto on the toolbags! Ditto on Twilight and Hot Topic being our salvation!

  4. I’m expecting a thank-you note in the mail from Hot Topic any day now. Thanking me for single-handedly giving them that 6.5 % gain. I think I have a Hot Topic Twilight problem. And yes, I just bought myself a pair of Twilight pajamas from there two days ago.

  5. TWILIGHT PAJAMAS???!!! I didn’t know such a wonderful thing existed! I must have them ASAP!

    I think my stepsister is major part of their business, in our area at least. I went in there with her the other day, all the sales people know her by name. She has about 20 Twilight tees, every poster ever made, but somehow we both managed to spend about 90 bucks between the two of . I’m the proud owner of one of the messenger bags, some buttons, a car sticker and the Team Edward bracelets. And I still need more!!

    Here is my blog, I gave you guys a shout out in one of my posts!

  6. @julie- long time no see! ps i saw those pj’s tonite when i was at HT. sigh. i can’t resist walking in.

    @jonette – just read. HOW SWEET! you’re tooooo kind.

    ps it’s funny to read 3 comments in a row with the word “toolbag” in it 😀

  7. I heart the HT toolbags.

    seriously… we need some sort of reward from HT…

    @jonette- yay! another twi-blog. we’ll add you to our link list:)

  8. @moon…Amen on that sister!!! 🙂 I went to hot topic and bought two little baby Twilight buttons(not even the full size buttons) a freakin Twilight key chain, and some trading cards and a wallet and almost spent $30.00!!!! What the fuckity fuck fuck!! Those HT people are bank rolling!!! LOL

  9. I’ve yet to venture into my local HT (embarrassment was holding me back), but since I heard about the PJs, I’m totally there. Do you think my hubby will care if he wakes up and Edward is staring back at him?!?

    Also, was on the HT website yesterday (looking for said PJs, which are NOT sold online), and thought to myself:

    “Look at all these poor douche bags hawking Twilight gear. Do you really think a day will ever come that I will see a guy wearing a Team Edward sweatshirt?”

  10. Lmao! Luv your thoughts on this. Very insightful. I agree.

    You know the funny thing is, I’m a Hot Topic girl (not an obsessed HT girl, however), and I wouldn’t buy any of that Twilight merch they sell there. I look at it and say, “Nope.” XDI mean come on now, Twilight BANDAGES!? WTF? I’ll keep my Hello Kitty ones, thanx. I’m more of a hottopic.com girl now, anyways.

    I actually know how they find the models: http://community.hottopic.com/hottopic/InsideHT/modeling_info.asp

    There ya go. They are some hot mammas and daddys, you have to admit, tho. I heart the emos and goths, mofos! &.&

    2 Amber: I actually have seen a guy in my hometown of Houston wearing a Team Edward shirt! It was at the Twilight movie premire. He looked cute enough in it, however. ^.^


  11. @Alexx – Did you get a pic of that? That guy must be the head unicorn!!

  12. @alexx – a DUDE in an edward shirt?! we need a pic stat! that is 100% a unicorn!

    oh and WELCOME!!! so glad you’re here and commenting!

  13. The toolbag kid looks like “This is NOT what I signed up for…”

  14. Twilight pajamas? Seriously? Those I could wear in the privacy of my own home and not feel like a 46 year old trying to act like I am 16.

    Which I totally am, by the way.

  15. Edward PJs would be perfect for the big slumber party we should have with Rob’s mom!

  16. My husband was just having a conversation with me 10 minutes ago about how you could put the Twilight name or Edward’s name on anything and sale it to all the Twilighters no problem. He says, they’ll buy anything with his face on it.
    Oh yes that’s right, we will!

  17. I saw a dude at the Borders Breaking Dawn release party that had a Team Jacob t-shirt on. On the back it said, “Because Edward stole my wife’s heart.” The Houston Dude isn’t necessarily a unicorn. He may just be bitter.

  18. […] a matter of time before the machine started rolling out new merchandise for fans to buy. After all Hot Topic almost single handedly saved the economy back in February. And we really can’t be losing anymore mall stores. Where else will I find my neon green […]

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