No words… ok, maybe just a few

Spring Break 97 yall!!!!

Spring Break 97 y'all!!!!

Dear Kristen-

I’m starting to feel like your sponsor these days with all the letters we’ve sent you about your stoner ways… but seriously a POT LEAF BIKINI?? Really, what on God’s green earth are you thinking? This is like one step BELOW a Corona bikini. And all this time I thought THAT thing was the pinnacle of white trash. You have proven me wrong. Well played.

But to quote someone who I think you’ll agree with me is wise beyond her years, I’d like to share this thought with you…

How old are you, Kristen? 19 in April?…” Well my birthday’s in May and as someone older can I please give you some advice? It is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at a party, but it is quite another to be fried all day.”

Ah yes, wiser words have never been spoken. And seriously Kristen you’re taking it to another level of LAME with all this bong and pot bikini madness. I half expect to tune into VH1 and see you on Sober House/Celeb Rehab. By all means, enjoy whatever you want to do in your off time, I could seriously care less, but don’t freaking advertise it. I know people who have ‘good times’ but don’t walk around in a shirt that says “I SMOKE WEED, DUH!” This makes you look like the kinda girl who would hang out with my roomate’s weird, stoner boyfriend and watch South Park all day. I just don’t get it.

Oh and tell that meth-face next to you to use some sunscreener. geez.


Picture from Egotastic!

*Update* Sent this to myguyfriend since he spoke so eloquently about her over at LTR and he had this to say:

“ha, that dude she with looks like tommy lee and kid rock put their piles of shit together after a 7 night bender and he was the product”

Thinking of incorporating  KStew’s rockin’ bikini into a valentines poem or graphic? Well, DO IT! Check out our v-tines contest deets here!

42 Responses

  1. moon – you left out the best part…”Hmm… Kinda reminds me of someone else. Her name rhymes with Shmindsey Shmohan”. Now if only Nikki would get some gigs as a DJ…

  2. I can see the new headlines….”New C-list celebrity couple, Michael Phelps and Kristen Stewart decide to quit their professional careers and find their new life-calling at Taco Bell working the midnight shift….In related news, Taco Bell is missing 30 beef chalupas after new employees take lengthy “smoke break”.”

  3. p.s. Love love looooove the Clueless reference! Oh Cher…her insight knows no boundaries. As if! 🙂

  4. the guy she’s with is her brother cameron

  5. I was thinking the same thing the other day when I saw this pic. They both look so gross too. I might be mistaken, but I thought I read that the guy is her brother or a brother’s friend.

  6. @moon – I never thought I’d see the day when someone quoted Clueless and said “wiser words have never been spoken.” Long live Cher Horowitz! lol

    My day is officially off to a great start! 🙂

  7. I just don’t get her. I suspect she’ll screw this all up within 5 years.

    Plus, not trying to play the “mom card”, but how old is this pic? It doesn’t really matter, because if it were my mom she’d slap me 9 ways from Sunday if I even thought about buying a pot leaf bikini.

    Unless her mom is eerily similar to Lohans…ewwww.

  8. OMG!!! Who does this? After watching the video of her and her dad coming home from Sundance the other day, I’m gonna have to go with “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. He was like a cross between Ted Nugent and Tommy Lee.

  9. Clueless…one of my favs… 🙂
    KSyew…NOT one of my favs! 😦

  10. My bad I meant to type KSTEW**

  11. Srsly. WTF? A Pot-kini? *facepalm*
    If I were Kristen, and got to canoodle on set with Rob, I would want to be completely alert 100% of the time. Or is that just me?

  12. I saw this and thought wtf (about the whole pot-kini) BUT also something else struck me about the pic,something more rare and equally weird….the miserable sour puss is actually…wait for it…SMILING! *Shocked gasp* Probably totally high and THAT’S why she’s smiling but still add it to the rare footage of KStew smiling folder!

  13. @emma- POTKINI! and i have to say this barely qualifies as a smile… though we’ll take it, stoned or not.

    @vickyb- ted nugent and tommy lee EXACTLY!


  14. Brillz quote from Cher. Very relevant.
    Seriously, she has pot leaf nipples. Ew. How does she even get parts in movies looking like that in real life?

  15. “Pot-kini” — ROFLMAO!!

    Smiling Kstew?!? I didn’t think you were allowed to use those two words in a sentence without a negative qualifier (as in “not smiling).

  16. I know it barely qualifies as a smile but still it’s less lame than some attempts.Although it is more fun to observe and comment when she is her “natural- ie not high” self!

    @amber I was going with “Pot-kini gate” but thought i’d be straight to the point.

    Seriously even if you wanted to where would you buy said pot-kini?

  17. I’m wondering what the bottoms look like? Does it have just one big pot leaf on the front, or the ass? And WHY does this even exist? I wasn’t very surprised when I saw this though. Her brother looks very skeavy.

  18. i heard something odd today…an entertainment reporter on my morning radio show said this “everyone in Hollywood does pot”. that strikes me as (1) very odd, (2) not surprising and (3) a sad statement on hollywood. apparently, all the “cool kids” are doing it and it is a rare thing to NOT smoke pot in H-wood.

    that being said….i hope KS pull her pothead out of her butt and realizes that there are many, many people out there who want to see the next 3 Twilight movies succeed and well, if they have to recast Bella it might not happen.

    Ok…that was my “mom rant” for the day. 🙂

  19. So apparently she’s somewhat nicer when she’s high, hence the smile?

    I bet Catherine was shoving it down her throat, just to get her to cooperate on set. After hearing, “I’m way too professional to say that line, change it” one too many times, pot seemed like the only solution to brighten up ms. sour puss herself.

  20. I wonder if she knows that she is NOT as cool as Drew Barrymore and her career will NOT recover from this.

    And if you are going to buy a pot-kini, lets get one a little more tasteful than the one that has the pot leaves making a striking resemblance to some really badly placed pasties. Secondly – what kind of store where you in that sold this type of WT apparel? Even Spencer’s doesn’t go that low.

  21. When I was in middle school (umpteen years ago mind you) the “cool” store to shop at was a place called Gadzooks in the mall. They went out of business, thank God, BUT getting to my point – all that store sold was anything on God’s green earth (no pun intended) that they could put a Playboy Bunny emblem on, the Corona logo… and, wait for it… POT LEAVES! So, this doesn’t surprise me one bit that it actually exists…

  22. Another ‘Sour Puss’ is attempting to join the cast of Twilight.

  23. If she’s gonna go around wearing her cravings on a bikini, then I want one with cupcakes on it.

    She probably does, too. The munchies and all…

  24. @JBell I so remember Gadzooks, didn’t it turn into Hot Topic? I could be wrong.
    @Rhonika Oh my, I loathe that girl, Since she was on Nip/Tuck, I haven’t liked her at all.

  25. @Leigh Anne – They actually were bought out by Forever21 as I just found out through Google. I never would have guessed that though, seeing as how I love F21 and completely hated Gadzooks.
    And actually – since you mentioned it – Hot Topic came to our mall just as Gadzooks was going out of business… odd.
    Maybe all 3 are linked together? Who knows. I’m just glad Gadzooks is gone and Hot Topic showed up. Without Hot Topic, would we have Twilight?? 🙂

  26. @Rhonika – I don’t think AnnaLynne McCord is a sour puss really. I think she generally just goes for the smoldering look. She seems to be everywhere I look lately though, so I’m kinda miffed I can’t think of anyone better to play Heidi off the top of my head.

  27. @leigh anne – so where do i find the potato chip bikini or the rob one?

    @jbell – GADZOOKS!! oh adolescence.

    @tlc – i live here and though it’s not terribly far from the truth, it’s not a hard and fast rule

  28. @ themoonisdown: that is good to know. there are some celebs that i just can’t see as potheads. LOL.

    as for annalynne….@ least heidi is only a small role, a cameo really. 🙂

  29. I don’t understand why who is cast as Heidi would be a big deal. It’s really just a step above an extra.

  30. Ahh, Kristen. I love your pot smoking ways lol. But to be honest, who would wear ANYTHING with the weed leaf on it!? Seriously. We need to start worrying if she gets into hard stuff…rehab for weed…does it exist?


  31. i dont care if kstew is a pothead,just dont drag our robbie-pie into ur world,ok kirsten?thanks a lot.oh,and please dont wear that bikini again dear.weed does not become you.

  32. How dare you sit there and judge someone or tell them how to live there lives…..that is bullcrap you think because she is famous you have the right to comment on her life.. you need to get a life. I say to each her own and people like YOU are LAME>>>>>>>
    She is way cooler than you. she is making blockbuster movies with really hot guys….and you are sitting home probably eating ice cream and blogging about her…..ha ha joke is on you….YOU SUCK….and anyone that agrees with you sucks
    kristen is great in the part of Bella she is deep and strong and a nonconformist…which is awesome…
    she is the perfect Bella….weed or no weed….
    i mean it isn’t like she’s doing crack…..damn give her a break….

  33. for all you know that could have been photoshopped in………i mean do you guys really always believe everything you see…how nieve…… i mean i know she smokes, someone was prolly playing around with the pic.. anyone could do it…….losers…

  34. @brittney- WELCOME! oh and i was eating cookie dough, DUH. get it right.

  35. man sorry to be so upset but you sure do bash kristen a lot and i like her….she is not typical hollywood…i mean she doesn’t give a crap what ppl think.. if i guy did that oh we would totally love them, but when a girl isn’t typical big chested blonde SWEET…we hate on them WhY????

  36. i mean i really want you to answer
    why do you hate on kristen so much…

  37. amen to that UC, what else indeed?

  38. @brittney- i truly don’t hate kstew. seriously. i know it’s weird cause im always posting stuff about her but i don’t. i think i just know she could be so much better if only she’d stop TRYING SO HARD. she’s 18, i get it. we were all trying hard back then but i’m coming from it at a diff angle cause she could be so much better.

  39. thanks for answering.. i just feel sorry for her because she plays such a crucial role and it seems like everyone left her behind except Robert…lol he seems to be the only one giving her any credit. I mean everyone loves jacob and edward….and all we have to say about bella Kstew is how lame she is… i wish we could all appreciate her and not talk bad about her…. she is just 18……
    do any of you wish her and Rob would get together..

  40. The only reason why I don’t like KStew’s blatant use of pot and her showing off is because this is what my exbest friend did. She acted exactly like KStew is acting now before she got so into meth that she almost died. I *do* happen to think KStew is talented as an actress. I just don’t want to see her going the way of River Phoenix and being on an E! True Hollywood Story and being arrested for driving the wrong way down the high way. My best friend was showing off by smoking up in public and wearing weed paraphernalia- begging for attention. People dismissed it as trashy behavior and then she fell in with people who condoned it and supported her use of pot, and then she started doing harder stuff. I’m not condemning the use of pot. I’m just worried about people who show it off like KStew has been.

  41. […] You brought up Kristen’s special bong for a visit. My how she’s missed it! Looks like you're rehearsing your new musical […]

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