Where in the world is Edward- Cooking edition

Dear Edward,

Lauren over at Lauren’s Bite let us know how helpful you were last night at dinner. She shared a few pictures with us to share with all the LTT readers.  You really should have had an apron on- we don’t want you messing up your pea coat now!

Lauren found a dashing helper!

Lauren found a dashing helper!


He's so helpful for a non-food-eating Vamp

He's so helpful for a non-food-eating Vamp


Whoops, fell in the cheese. Hate when that happens

Whoops, fell in the cheese. Hate when that happens





Thanks for sharing your "pocket Edward" with us Lauren!

Thanks for sharing your "pocket Edward" with us Lauren!

Check out more pics of Lauren cooking with Eddie (and not to mention her DELICIOUS looking recipe) here!

(Hungry) UnintendedChoice 


Um, we gonna hound you until you move underground to Volterra, Italy and no longer have an internet connection about our Twi-alentines Dday Contest we’re running. You’re creative. We know it. We read your hilarious comments and letters. Submit something and maybe you’ll win your very own “Pocket Edward”*

*We haven’t finalized the prizes yet and so far “pocket edward” isn’t one of them, so don’t sue me if you don’t win him! XO

20 Responses

  1. […] we interrupt this session of drooling over Rob to announce that we found “where in the world the edward cullen doll” is over at LTT. He’s cooking, and he looks hot doing it. Possibly related posts: […]

  2. This is great. I was wondering what she had meant about her “pocket” Edward. I thought she found a smaller sized one none of us knew about.

  3. @ Valerie – Oh Pocket Edward fits in all types of pockets. I even snuck him in my husband’s back pocket of his jeans to piss him off, when he was taking a shower. He is the versatile Pocket Edward of all pockets. What’s next? The Pita Pocket? Hmm…that gives me an idea haha!

    Thanks for posting this haha! I laughed looking at it, and I took the pictures.

  4. Oh bless his cotton socks – he is so tired in pic 4 he’s fallen asleep in his food. Whatever have you been doing with him Lauren?

    Oh, on second thoughts don’t answer that.

    We all know.

  5. That crazy pocket Edward you never know what kind of shinanigans he’s going to get into next LOL 🙂

  6. That was awesomely funny. Thank you!

  7. That Edward, he is so talented. First he helps cook dinner and then he can just hang out with the girls. Here is “My Dinner Party Date with Edward”. It was AlleyKat’s Bday!

  8. Lauren is a woman after my own heart! And who wouldn’t love a bag of shredded cheese with Edward inside? Cheesy Edward goodness.

  9. I’m still waiting for him to cook me some eggs…

  10. @Lauren- loved this! The pic’s are so funny! I never guessed that Edward is so versatile in the kitchen- makes me wonder where else he is so versatile….Hmmmm.

  11. @Lauren…are you and Edward available for parties?

  12. @ Ginger Swan – Girl, I love your site. Like, love love love it.

    @ Genevieve – Thanks girl! Hmm…I bet it isn’t too hard to guess where else he is versatile 😉

    @ Sass – Sure thang! haha 🙂

  13. Edward watching the Food Network really comes in handy!

  14. LOL! Hmm… I may have to do a little WITWIE… If I ever stop laughing at this one. “Cheesy Edward Goodness” LOL!

  15. I went and read the entire blog posting…OMG, hilarious!! You should watch Edward around the garlic. You know what they say about vampires and garlic. 😉

  16. Seriously… the “OM NOM NOM NOM” photo cracks me up EVERY time… I keep coming back just for that photo lmfao

  17. He’s SO helpful Lauren isn’t he?! I mean an Edward who cooks? Is there anything better?

    @jbell – thats my favorite too! NOM NOM NOM!

  18. LOL!!! I love the traveling Rob show. 😀

  19. I’m sorry, but those Twilight dolls kinda creep me out. Nice Edward helping you out though.

    “He fell in the cheese. Hate when that happens.”


  20. watching the food network everynight came in handy,eh,edward?LOL

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