A Tragedy has occurred…

Dear Letters to Twilight girls (and to the boys/men who are reading along with their gfs/wives and/or reading on their own b/c they just love our hilarity):

A tragedy has occured.  I received this e-mail from a dear friend this morning:

I was just telling [my male friend at work] B that we had a Guitar Hero / Twilight-night planned for Wednesday with an emphasis on “twilight”. *insert comment from me- I was so excited to play “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse after seeing Twilight at the $2.00 theatre, but sadly I already have plans for Wednesday (and I’m hoping to cancel those for my Groundhog Day present)

To which he responded “I fear this question will show my ignorance, but…..what is Twilight?”

1. Do you think he’s serious?
2. Assuming he is, where do we even start? Maybe he needs to meet JPO’s unicorn

UnintendedChoice, can you help B, as you are most expert among us? Any links to your blog that may help him understand?

<3, SM

UnintendedChoice to the rescue!

WHAT are we going to do about this awful piece of news? We cannot let B go around this world ignorant.  I think we need to come up with a quick synopsis of what Twilight is.  No- not a recap of the 4 stories- he can find that online, but the TWI-LIFE (The good life), our twi-world.. how do we encapsulate Twilight and all it’s utter-gloriousness into a few sentences? 

Please help B by leaving your ideas in the comments. I think we can all agree that we just cannot leave this atrocity alone. We MUST save the day, thus saving B’s life.


Ps: my mom always told me I was melodramatic when I was growing-up. Isn’t that weird?

19 Responses

  1. If you want to get some great info about what is happening behind the scenes with the next Twilight movies check out this article I found about the possible merger of Summit, the company who has rights to Twilight, with Lionsgate, one of the leading independent film studios. This could mean an even better sequel! Check out the article! http://www.thewrap.com/article/1209


  2. Wow, seems I’m first today…that hasn’t happened in weeks =)

    How do you describe the TWI-LIFE?
    I’m gonna think about that while I work out, and I’ll come back and post. Maybe some others will have some helpful advice for B in the meantime.

  3. @Mrs. P. I’m with you…I need to really think about this one too…I’ll get back with an answer.

  4. Well…..how can u describe it….that is very hard….well would Incredibly, Wonderful, most beautiful story i’ve ever read be to much or not enough??

    p.s. I dont think ur melodramatic UC!!

  5. I tend to describe Twilight like this to virgins:

    It’s a love story that helps you remember what it was like to fall in love for the first time. The author does a such a good job of making you feel their innocence and desire, you can truly feel it in your tummy and bones. That kind of first love doesn’t feel any other way.
    Plus, it a fun and quick read, so get on the bus, Gus! There’s a whole world of pop culture a-passin’ you by if you’re not down w/ Twi.

  6. Twilight in two words: Crotch tingling.

    Just kidding. I am going to formulate something so awesome it will blow B’s mind!

  7. I tried explaining all this to my hubby once, and it DID not work. I tried to explain that the whole immortality and the idea of being so close to death without dying was VERY sexy, hence the success of other vampire shows, movies, etc. I think if it were hot girls vs. guys, maybe he would start to get it.

    He still thinks I’m crazy. If one of you figure out a good way to explain it, please let me know!

  8. @lauren – el oh el! 😀

  9. So far….crotch tingling pretty much sums it up!!!

  10. My sister-in-law’s grandma used “crotch tingling” to describe Twilight, and I seriously was never the same again. Old lady+Reading Twilight+saying the word”Crotch” = death.

  11. Ha! I’m totally going with ‘crotch tingling’.. My thoughts exactly! 🙂 lol.
    And hm… really, tho, how do you explain Twilight in just a few sentences.. I’ve tried numerous times to explain the amazingness of the book to numerous people, but I just can’t! Basically, you have to read it for yourself to get all of the emotions that run thru you! Everytime I did try to explain it, I would just get these ‘uh huh…’ nods afterwards, and a look like I was crazy!!!
    But, I will think about this one…

  12. Twilight is an extremely contagious Textually Transmitted Disease…and you don’t want a cure.

  13. A close friend coined a phrase that sums up the Twilight saga perfectly:


    And we Twi-fans are all addicted.


  14. It’s a love story as intense as Romeo & Juliet, but with vampires, werewolves and based in modern times. That’s the quickest explanation I’ve come up with to tell people.

    @Leigh Anne – Crackliture… EXACTLY! LOL I love it. 🙂

  15. I think we need to add some of these to the Twi-dictionary. Just sayin’

  16. Twilight can also be described as Vampire 90210 (thank my friend Rosa for that).

    I’ve told many people that Twilight is high addictive, that I suspect there is heroin impregnated in the pages. I advise new readers to get a Twilight Buddy, someone to make sure they’re eating, sleeping, and taking any necessary meds. I decided this was necessary after I lost 10 pounds on the Twilight Diet.

  17. I was trying to explaine it to my brother who is 19 and older then me and he didnt know how i could be on the computer reading the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun. he thought it was crazy everytime my face lit up everytime something happened. So.. when i was explaining it (i literally went thru every book and all the details i could in 3 minuts) he slapped me and said “GET A GRIP!!!! u have barely taken a breath in the whole time u been explaining this to me!!!!”
    i giggled lol

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