Pillow fight!

HAIR! must have NOW!

HAIR! must have NOW!

Dear Rachelle and Ashley-

Seriously girls, we should really just forget this letters thing and be best friends. I’m scheduling mani/pedi’s for tomorrow then we’re gonna come back to my place for a good ol fashioned sleepover with all the LTT/LTR ladies. We’ll eat thin mint cookies (out of the freezer of course), braid each others hair and crank call Rob to ask him if his ‘refrigerator is running.’ Then after a few too many mimosas we’ll make Taylor (our DD, we’re responsible girls!) drive us to the valley so we can T.P. Nikki Reed’s house.

Just think about it…

Best friends forever!

19 Responses

  1. You girls are freaking hilarious!!

  2. Thin mints, out of the freezer even, AND mimosas?!? Two of my very most favorite things! I’m in.

  3. I’m totally all over those thin mints!! I havent had those in FOREVER. 🙂 Oh, and the mani/pedis and being best friends with Rachelle and Ashley doesn’t sound bad either!
    I’m also loving the idea of TPing Nikki’s house… can we make a stop by KStew’s place and egg her house and that horrible truck she’s been seen driving?!
    And I have a few other ideas that we can crank call Rob with! heh.
    So basically… i LOVED every aspect of your letter! 🙂

  4. I’m in!!! I haven’t been TPing in years…

  5. Ooh, and I will bring the Edward cutout, I am sure we could think of a thing or two to do with that…

  6. I’ll bring the get away car…I knew my lame ass mini van would come in handy at some point!

  7. Great idea vickyb…should I bring my minivan as well? We might need the extra wheels, this is looking like it is going to be one crowded slumber party.

    Plus, the extra space may come in handy if the real Rob shows up…

    “If that van is a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’…”

  8. omg moon, i’m giggling so hard. i’m so glad i know you in real life xo

    @missy- you’re new! welcome!

  9. This is great! I have a suburban that fits 8. We can also put the back two rows down and it becomes one big area to sleep on or do other things…

  10. I would rather spoon and fork Nikki’s yard…then she and KStew can spend the afternoon blazing, while removing hundreds of plastic spoons and forks from the dried ground. That’s a photo-op I’d pay big money to see.

    I’ll teach Rob my prank name game…
    Call the gym, request “Phil McGroin to be paged.

    Call Target and ask for “Eileen Yulick.”

    Call any Thai restaurant and ask for Ben Dover. Harry P.Ness. Inspector Hare. Jack Meoff.

    I’ll quit now. The plans are in motion, anyway.

  11. Brills, Moon!

  12. @UC you take a bunch of plastic forks and spoons and stick the handles in the ground. Then you’ve got a ton of forks & spoons sticking up. They would have to go and pull out each one.

  13. Mmmm frozen thin mints. Mmm…talk of Rob. Let’s get on this sleepover party ASAP!

  14. @leigh anne / uc- it doesnt freeze here in la so we can’t do the ultimate forking! fork someones house the night it’s supposed to freeze/snow! MOOHAHAHAHa we were mean in college.

  15. OMG I’m totally up for a slumber party…I’ll bring the drinks…beer, wine, liquor just lemme know…BTW I too have a Tahoe…so if we need more space I can definitely bring mine! 🙂

  16. I would brave Friday (or Saturday) traffic on the 405, I10, and 101 just to make it up there from the OC for this sleepover!

    A good one for SoCal is to bird seed someones lawn/cars, spread birdseed all over and in the morning all is covered in Liquid Bird Evil aka poo.

    I’ll bring the bad 80’s music, Doritos (what slumber party is complete without,) and extra booze!

  17. @walking_disaster – dang, the 405 on a friday… that’s saying something! fyi – you and your extra booze are totes welcome!

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