The rarest type of Unicorn

In continuing with our Unicorn series, we had a real-life friend submit her find. (By ‘real-life-friend’ we mean someone we’ve actually met opposed to become bff’s over the internet with. Cuz despite the fact that we spend all our time on here, we actually have real lives. We use our real lives to stalk Rob, but they are real…)

The Rarest Type of Unicorn of them all:

What is this unicorn I speak of? Well it’s not just your average Twilight reading male. No no. This male not only reads Twilight but he shares his love of it with other males and tries to convince them to read it as well! I know what you’re thinking- you thought this unicorn didn’t exist, that it was the sort of thing fantasies are made of. And I know what your next thought is, he must be gay. But he’s not! I know him personally, I’ve met his girlfriend, and aside from the occasional pink polo shirt, there isn’t anything that would make you question his sexuality.

I came to find out about this unicorn’s love for Twilight from one of the males that he tried to convince to read it. He was not convinced, and dare I say, appalled at the thought. In an interview with this gentleman he was quoted as saying, “It made me wonder what vibe I had given off that would make him think I would appreciate Twilight, let alone read it?!” I think we can all agree that this would be the reaction of most males. So for more information, I had to go to the source…

I sent a casual email to him saying, “so I hear you’re a twilight fan. Is that true?” His response went above and beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. I think that rather than paraphrasing it would be better for me to just give you the word for word:

“Hahah twilight is awesome! I read the book and watched the movie.  You probably think I am weird but I learned bellas lullaby on piano too hahaha.” 

Really, what else can I say? I imagine that his response has left you as dumbfounded as I was. I feel privileged for uncovering such a rare gem, and I hope that you have enjoyed my discovery. This is my first contribution for letters to twilight. I wanted my first one to be something special, and I think it was. But just to put a little extra icing on the cake, the unicorn let me take his picture. Which isn’t surprising, because if you’re willing to talk to guys about it, you sure as hell know you’ll put it out there for girls 🙂

Peace. -JPo


Sorry girls, this Unicorn is taken 😦

Just a thought, wouldn’t it be heavenly if we got THIS Unicorn together with theMoonisDown’s guy friend who loves to talk Twilight? They could play Bella’s Lullaby on the piano while discussing Kristen Stewart’s facial espressions- with their moms! 

13 Responses

  1. This discovery is more wonderful than words can describe. I have a renewed faith in humanity and not because of Obama,but because of this unicorn that I know that “It is time for a change”.

  2. Oh, he’s adorable!! Can he come teach my hubby some of the finer points of Twilight?

  3. Oh I love this unicorn. The husband won’t read the books but he saw the movie with me. Didn’t say anything bad about it but also didn’t say it was great. Just said-Its a movie what more do you want?
    Whatever, it has Edward Freakin Cullen it!

  4. @Amber…Amen!! My hubby read it, and I think the finer points were totally lost on him!!

  5. Behold the Golden Unicorn! A great find JPo.

  6. That is so cool! A rare find indeed!

  7. I AM SOOOO JEALOUS (in a good way)…my fiancee won’t even go near the Twilight books…and it was like pulling teeth to make him go see the movie with me, but eventually he caved in…LOL

  8. My husband is a partial unicorn. So maybe he is a “uni-man” or a “man-corn”. haha.

    Anyway, he will talk about Twilight with me. He will let me post stuff he says on my blog. But, when we are with people he acts like he hasn’t heard of Twilight. Hmm…what a crazy.

  9. @ Lauren….”uni-man” “Man-corn”…LMAO I love it!!! That was so hilarious!!!

  10. @Krazykidd…thanks girl! You are my new friend now, because you think I am funny! haha

  11. I also got my boyfriend to read Twilight series. So far he’s read Twilight and New Moon. He just started eclipse. The books don’t evoke the same emotions in him as they do with me but at least he can discuss the characters and plots with me:) After, reading twilight and new moon he said he prefered New Moon. He’s actually a Jacob fan!!! Ugh…..i think it’s because he a werewolf (well, shape shifter but he doesn’t know that yet).

  12. […] 1. Do you think he’s serious? 2. Assuming he is, where do we even start? Maybe he needs to meet JPO’s unicorn… […]

  13. um what about lesbians?arent we technically the rarest kind of unicorns??????

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