I demand equality

Dear Summit/Twilight or Whomever controls the media monster,

I want to know why pictures like this of all the other cast members are coming out:


and only pictures like this are coming out of Rob:

Robert Pattinson vintage-pattz

WTF??? Did Kristen Stewart put you all up to this?

I demand equality. I need some shirtless/pantless pictures of Robert Pattinson (post puberty please) ASAP!

Love me, vickyb

26 Responses

  1. I totally agree. More shirtless Rob please!!

  2. Thank you! I mean seriously, if you can find a picture of Dr. Cullen in pleather pants surely there is a pic out there somewhere of Rob sans shirt/pants but with chest hair! Geez, people, get with the program!

  3. WTF? We need some sexy Rob minus shirt and/or pants, preferably AND.

    Although, I kinda like the drunk Rob pic. It makes me smile. He is just too adorable!

  4. omg vickyb dying… i mean the fey pics of rob are TOO much, poor guy didnt know his old modeling pics would be pulled out yrs later and obsessed over.

    is it just me or does cam sometimes have methface?

  5. vicky-

    (BTW, dying!)

    totally off topic, but has anyone seen the Vanity Fair photoshoot video (all 15-20 mins. or however long it is), and if you have, can you please tell me what was going on with Peter mackin on Ashley?

  6. I guess that video is an hour and 2 minutes…it just seemed like 15 mins. when I was watching it I guess.

    Here’s the link:


    And the part with Peter and Ashley is 54 mins. in.

  7. @unintended choice
    re: the video…it takes a lot out of me just to get past the first 43 seconds (rob stretching – I could so help him with that)…. but I still can’t get past the Peter/Ashley thing. Mostly, I want to know how he explained that to Jennie. But then, I’d have a lot of explaining to do if Rob was around.

  8. @lovesbcmc- LOL have we seen it? as UC said that’s the whole reason we started this thing. but i’m gonna have to go back and watch for the peter/ashley action. i must have been too, uh, distracted. yea, that’s it.

    maybe he told jennie it’s just part of their father/daughter relationship? 😀

  9. Wow, I had no idea Emmett and Carlisle look so good without their shirts! That picture of Rob pre-puberty is SCARY.

  10. Okay, I have not seen this video…now I know what I am watching tonight, woo hoo!!

    And that pic of young androgenous Rob is too freaky…although if you just concentrate on his eyes, you can see the potential.

    I much prefer Dr. Cullen as a brunette, lol. Yet another actor whose natural hair color was the complete opposite of the character they played.

  11. Yeah, “Emmet” would not usually be my type but if he took his shirt off I’m sure I could be persuaded to do many bad things….

    And Dr. Cullen….holy cow! I love him as a brunette. Jennie better watch her back with all these hot little chickies running around the New Moon lot.

    • If we could all yell and beg loud enough, maybe Moon would finish her post on when she SAT next to kellan/emmett a few weeks back at jackson’s 100monkeys show b/c she said he was MUCH better looking and VERY NICE in person (which is why we call him ‘that nice boy from your high school youth group” I’M BEGGING MOON

  12. We hold these truths to be self-evident. All photos are not created equal. And they should be.

  13. I second that emotion!

  14. *down on my knees*

    Please, moon…??

    *puppy dog eyes*

  15. @moon….You must dish! Please. The reputation of the nice boy from my church youth group depends on it!

  16. hahahahaahahaha!!!!! yeah, like, we see photos from the other vamps while they’re on the gym with all their muscles and videos with taylor showing his 6-pack and all that, and the only we see from rob is pics where he is 12 and skinny and looks like a (sexy) girl and videos were he is eating a CHEESEBURGER! …
    like, come on!!!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m calling the scouts from the hood to go look for him.

    @the moon…please give the scoop pretty please with a cherry on top…scratch that pretty please with Rob on top??? 🙂

  18. moon sat next to kellan/emmett?!?


    so did you guys talk about rob or was it too weird for you to quiz him and risk revealing our robsession?

  19. @Moon – You naughty girl. You’ve been holding out on us. Spill! Write it up te way only you can so we can bask in your glory.

  20. Please clarify that would prefer photos of shirtless Rob after the AGE OF CONSENT!

  21. Hysterical, causing a gag on my otherwise meditative green tea.

    For some reason, I’m thinking babysitting and not in a good way. Yes, please. More Age of Consent-ish photos.


  23. One of my favorite posts…had to revisit it and start my day off with a giggle!

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