All this and class too!

hot sauce!

hot sauce!

Dear Rachelle and Ashley-

If I was going to be a fake lesbian I’d totally choose you ladies.

You’re hot, wear awesome clothes, and you’re doing photo calls next to DIAMOND necklaces looking like extras from Mad Men (best show ever, just sayin). Now that’s what I call classy. You two seem like real gals gals AND girls who can be real with the boys too. And if you can do that, you are girls after my own heart.

Rachelle, I am in love with your hair… two hairdo’s ago I had your hair color and I kick myself every day for going darker. Being a redhead is my true calling in life, and you are a beacon in all this bleach blond playboy hair nonsense in California.



Ashley, I heard that after you did this photo event you were spotted out with a friend getting pizza in jeans and tshirts. I think we’re meant to be BFF’s ladies. FYI

Ok can we all take a moment and look at THE SHOES. And the POCKET on the dress?!

Moment over.

Carry on ladies, CARRY ON!

Wishing we could share closets,

PS I TOLD you we’d get to some Twi-girl loving!

(clickify to enlarge all this girly goodness)

22 Responses

  1. amazing! they look so hot- i LOVE pocket dresses!

  2. Love Rachel’s shoes and Ashley’s dress but pockets in dresses are really cool.

  3. Both of them look gorgeous!

    Pockets in dresses are cool! Just one more place into which Rob can slip his hand.

  4. I like these girls they seem genuine…unlike other people…(KStew)…love their style too…:) Good job ladies..WORK IT!

  5. They are lovely.

  6. They do look stunning. And classy.

  7. Pockets = good
    Dresses = good
    Pockets+Dresses= Awesome!

    I too love Rachelle’s hair. She is always awesome in interviews (unlike some people*cough *kstew* cough*we know). I think Ashley is just beautiful. She definitely seems pretty grounded, which will hopefully serve her well in H’wood. I think she is a bazillion times prettier and classier than that Megan Fox…yuck! (I still think we should put her on the list, just in case).

  8. @vickyb – Add them both to the list, just in case. They seem like strong ladies, and Rob keeps talking about how is attracted to strong women.

    Two classy ladies!! The dresses, the shoes, the smiles…I love it!

  9. yes! @vickyb! rachelle in interviews!! so good, she does one with robert that i really like. ill have to dog that out and post here

  10. @moon, is it the Canadian one where they play the game with the face cards and she smells him??? Lucky! I think I have that one.

  11. If I was a lesbian, I too would have a crush on them. I love those girls. And the fashion! *dies*

  12. @moon and vicky..what are these videos you speak of…please do share… 🙂

  13. @krazykidd: here are a couple of the interviews

    this is the really good one our “diryt boy” really cute at about 4:50:

  14. @KrazyKidd

    Here is the best one of our “dirty boy” he’s funny about 4:50

    BTW I am putting that host girl on the list too! She was just a bit too friendly for my taste!

  15. Okay KrazyKidd here is the video I speak of:

    Our dirty boy is quite funny at about 4:50 and BTW I am going to put that host girl on the list b/c she was just a bit too friendly for my liking…just sayin’!

  16. Why isn’t it letting me link the videos???

  17. Our “dirty boy”

    BTW that host girl is going on the list. She was just a bit too friendly for my likin’, just sayin’!

  18. Anyhoo…I’ve tried posting it like 10 times but go to youtube and look up

    Robert Pattinson and Rachelle Lefevre on Much Music Extended Interview

    and it will pop up. It’s over 7 minutes long….yay. Our “dirty boy” is too cute!

    Also, that host girl is on the list! She is just a bit too friendly ….

  19. the game:

    (he has that dumb tshirt on) love the kstew question! hahaha

    the dandruff:

    the 7 minute thing:

    i ❤ rachelle!

  20. @vickyb sometimes links get thrown in spam- we usually check our spam a bunch, so we’ll always approve it!

    and YES- we need to add that chick to the list. that bitch better BACK OFF!

  21. Oh, new “getting close to Rob” plan… Wear cute shoes and dresses and become RL & AG’s shopping buddies!! Ya’ll are brilliant!

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