We’re 2nd hand embarrassed v2

Welcome back to our weekly video installment we like to call “2nd Hand Embarrassment” in which we feature a Twilight themed fanmade video that makes us cringe, blush or rethink our fandom.

This week we bring you “Edward is a Virgin – Avril Style” in honor of one of my favorite posts on here.

Oh.my.god. I have a hard time making it through these they’re SO over the top. I think the thing that blows my mind the most about these videos is how COMMITTED they are in them… facial expressions, lyrics, acting it out… if this was me I couldn’t have even made it past the word “bonk.”

A sample of the lyrics… now sing along everyone!

“Hey you guess what Edward is a virgin
no way he’s not I think he needs to get some
Hey you guess what I could be his first time
He protects his virtue
He’s not easy I think that is so cute
Hey hey Edward Cullen get your pants off…”

YOU ARE like 15!!! OMG.

I had to stop trying to type the lyrics, I couldn’t do it anymore. That’s all I could do for you guys, my roommates probably thinks I’m insane now.

Going to my happy place,
Me (themoonisdown)

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14 Responses

  1. I’ve seen this girls videos….and quite frankly she scares me!– especially when she sings to the little mermaid soundtrack, about getting busy “under the sheets” –truly frightening

  2. OME** Ladies we need to protect Rob from teen fangirls like this! Cougars UNITE!!

  3. Can’t these girls make some songs up about Jacob?!? We’ve pretty much given him up for them.

    If I were Rob, I’d go ahead and get a restraining order against this one…just in case.

  4. @amber – i know! we’ve given them jacob, isn’t that enough?! 😀 can they leave our robby alone? i dont need to think about 12 yr old girls fantasies in song form

    everyone – please notice the 2nd ‘possibly related post’ up there! HAHAHA!

  5. LOL!!! 😀 is this what you saw? Breaking My Hymen…LOOOOOOOOL

  6. YES! maybe thats the next video! bella sings that to the tune of ‘losing my religion’

  7. That’s Ed in the bed….That’s Ed in the wa / ter… breaking through my Hymen…LOL

  8. Hell yes Cougars Unite! I actually wrote a post about admitting I’m a Cougar. LOL!

    Anyway, I think this chick rhymed every AY sounding word at the end except Olay/Olé. I can’t believe I watched the whole thing.

  9. @christapie
    me either…I could have used those 3 1/2 minutes to “REVIEW” certain parts of the Vanity Fair shoot outtakes…Again…

  10. @mrs p – OH MY GOD. i’m crying laughing. seriously.

    thx to everyone who watched the whole thing! we have to share these!

  11. Out of curiosity, have you seen the two fans rapping in “Vampzilla Ice”? I can’t remember where I saw it, but I felt my own face start to burn. And I was only watching!

  12. @Christapie….me, too. Where did you blog about cougarhood? I haven’t done that yet, but I guess my cougarness is pretty obvious.

  13. I got chills ALL over my body while I watched this! (and not the good kind of chills) How will I ever get the images and lyrics out of my head? HOW!? I ask you.

    Still love you though, thank you for making my day 🙂
    It’s always funny digging into your archives :p

    Sorry for my terrible english, I’m from Norway :p

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