Time to begin lining up at your local Best Buy

dvdcoverDear Twilight Fans-

Guess what! We have a new release date for the DVD and Summit has released DVD art today! So now we can start over-analyzing the possibilities…

First off… TWO DISC SPECIAL EDITION! What could that possibly contain?! I mean we know there’s a commentary with Rob, Kristen and Catherine and there’s a couple deleted scenes they’ve talked about, but let’s get real. Give the fans what they really want:

– extended makeout scenes
– secret hidden camera footage from the wardrobe trailer
– footage from the much bally-hooed hotel jam sessions all the cast talks about
– all the deleted scenes where Rob’s accent flips back n forth between American and English
– clips from the Hot Topic promo tour, especially anything that involves fainting Goth girls
– Kellan’s on location bible study curriculum

What do you guys want to see?

The DVD will be released March 21st and features a deleted scene called “Midnight Sun.” Dare we even contemplate what that means?

Anxiously waiting…
Me (themoonisdown)

More info at Pink is the new blog and Just Jared
PS Trent from PITNB wants the dvd to include body glitter. But what about a tube top and ticket to see the jobros?

15 Responses

  1. I agree with Trent.. i hope it comes with body glitter too. That way I’ll write with it all over my body saying “Do not let Vanessa Hudgens play Leah” yuck.

  2. I saw an interview with Catherine Hardwicke a few months ago. She said she shot a scene from Midnight Sun for the DVD extras. Yea!

  3. ew is that venessa hudgens thing actually a real rumor?! gross. ive been wondering who will play leah.

    christapie, if thats true i may die.

    • i read it a few places. YUCK is right..they just need to find a pretty unknown girl.. they already have enough “stars” bringing in the crowds (ya know, people like mikey welch)

      i will die too, christapie… absolutely die

  4. Are you kidding me??? BabyV (for those of you who aren’t tortured by Disney Channel 24/7 that is what they call Vanessa Hudgens) playing Leah?? Do we need to start another ridiculous Twilight related petition? I will! If they are even considering using a Disney Star I will…I swear I will!

  5. Vickyb,
    I will volunteer to stand outside grocery stores and annoy the hell out people until they feel so harrassed they give into signing that petitition!!

  6. The top of my wish list for the DVD…digital copy so I can put Twilight on my iPod. The I can carry Rob in my pocket all day long.

    Boss boring during the staff meeting? Watching the kids do gymnastics? Perhaps driving on the Interstate? All great times to watch some Twilight (or at least Rob)!

  7. Just wanted to let everyone know that the DVD is available for pre-order from Amazon! Already got my copy reserved!

    I will avoid the embarrassment of fighting a 13-year-old for a copy at Best Buy, because I would have if I had to.

  8. @Amber…Me Too! Me Too!
    I just pre-ordered mine, so I can sit at home and have UPS deliver the object of my lust to me! 🙂 ( also so I don’t have to fight all those screaming tweens…I hate to say it but they would have gone down…trampled in my fervor to worship at the TWILIGHT altar! LOL.I swear, I am a nice person…no really…I am)
    Bring on the body glitter, the wardrobe trailer *Sneak Peaks 😉 and the extended/deleted scenes!!

  9. I might be a mom but I fight like a 13 year old girl!

  10. @amber/mrsp/vickyb

    i throw some mean elbows! these girls won’t know what hit em when i make a break for it. makes me think of the good ol days of nsync concerts. poor girls are still bruised…

  11. Oh god! Nsync concerts! Don’t even get me started! I’m probably one of the poor 13-year-old girls that you gave bruises too! Ha! No, probably not because everyone I got thru didn’t look too hot after facing mean! I was an evil girl when it came to Nsync! And now I’ll most likely be the same way with my copy of Twilight because I haven’t decided if I want to pre-order it or wait in line… waiting in line sounds like much more fun! But, I might be outta town on a school trip… ugh idk!

  12. Bible study curriculum! Yeah, everyone wants to watch in horror/wonder at that… Haha.

  13. FYI, Borders has their own Special Edition:

    I just preordered today! ^^
    And what do I want on the special edition? Let’s see:
    Everything on your list + Borders Edition + Free Twilight Merch (T-Shirt/Jewelry/Etc.) + Rob&Kris’s Cell Phone #s/Screennames + Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Clones (Not everyone can own the origs, but I would have the originals) = I would buy it!

    “Midnight Sun”? Hmm…I can only imagine. Must have something to do with Edward, I’m sure.


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