Caution: New Moon may cause tears, read at your own risk

newmooncover(spoilers! though you should know by now this site is riddled with them)
(warning: total geeking out/stephenie meyer fangirl post)

Dear Stephenie Meyer-

After finishing up what you had written of Midnight Sun I inevitably jumped to the place it left off in Twilight and then last night inevitably ended up at New Moon all over again. It’s a vicious cycle I tell ya! But I think it was much like my experience reading MS and Twilight for the 2nd time. I enjoyed it even more… and was totally not looking forward to ‘the break up.’ If you can even call it that. Seriously, I knew it was coming and I kept turning the pages and I had to stop! I put down the book several times and walked away because I knew what was going to happen when he asked her to “take a walk,” and I just couldn’t bear to read it again. I wanted to yell “DON’T DO IT!!” But of course I soldiered on and read through it. And inevitably cried when he left and then cried some more at the October – January chapters, (it gets me EVERY time Stephenie) which by my estimation is some of the best usage of literary device/technique I’ve ever read… and I’ve read a lot of stuff.

It also made me rethink where I put New Moon in my list of favorite books of yours. I like to make lists. I guess I had forgotten how sad and melancholy and depressing and just plain PAINFUL this book is. And I LOVE it for those reasons. I was so caught up last night reading that I texted Unintendedchoice at some ungodly hour because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I said: “…I’m dying reading New Moon, the part where he leaves her. This is literally painful… God.” So good.

Which leads me too the fact that I’m now even MORE excited about how the movie version of New Moon will turn out! This is the stuff I’m looking forward too…

– The birthday party scene and JASPER!
– The break up scene (can we figure out another name for this!)
– finding/fixing/riding the motorcycles
– the development of the Bella/Jacob relationship

"Jacob was a gift from the Gods"

"Jacob was a gift from the Gods"

AND all this led me to figuring out that Taylor Lautner really IS the perfect movie version of Jacob! Though he isn’t exactly what I picture in my head… he’s the perfect best friend, puppy dog faced, TEENAGE boy that Jacob SHOULD be.

So as you can see Stephenie (and LTT regulars) I’ve thought A LOT about this last night and just HAD to share cause I know if I’ve put this much thought into it then surely there’s someone else out there who feels that same way.

Love you long time!
Me (themoonisdown)

PS (to you guys) So what stuff have you figured out reading these books or New Moon specifically a 2nd (or 3rd or 65th) time through?

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  1. I actually re-read the whole series, minus New Moon, like 4 times b/c it was just too painful to relive the break up. I didn’t want to go through that …again. But now that I have made myself read NM, all the way through I realize that Bella had to go through that before she realized how much she really couldn’t live without Edward. In Eclipse when E and J are in the tent chatting you get the feeling that Bella probably would have eventually gotten over Edward (crazy I know) in time and Jacob would have been there and life would have gone on. It would have just been too easy for it all to end with Twilight. Looking back on my own life I had to date some pretty sucky guys to realize that I am with the person I am meant to be with now(only b/c Rob was born like 10 years too late) because I had to learn to appreciate what I have.

  2. i’m on twilight for the 3rd time around….. so new moon will be here soon enough… i’ll have to let you know my thoughts then. i know i completely rushed through it the 2nd time… i hate it… i mean… i hate when edward leaves… (obvs) it’s so difficult, so i hear you there.

    but you’re right, vickyb… she needs to go through that to really make the choice to be with Edward….

    whoa…. too much twilosophy for tonight!!!!

  3. @vickyb – your point was going to be one of my next twilosophy posts! hahaha. well you get the sneak peek 😀

  4. I’ve figured out between reading the books (on my 4th read now) and reading blogs that I really need to write a ‘Why Bella Isn’t Weak’ post. I mean really! She goes toe to toe with vampires and werewolves and gets her way!

  5. Wow. Ladies. Now we’re getting into it.
    I totally agree with you, Bella def had to go through the loss of Eddie boy in order to know that she can’t live without him. That element of the story takes it out of Sweet Valley High and into Verona!
    I also have had difficulty reading New Moon, I often skip over the whole “SAD” part because it’s just too hard…
    I’m also glad Taylor will continue to play the part of Jacob because he definitely captures the innocence, and playfulness of Jacob to a T! (but mostly because it’s only fair that the tweens/teens get some eye candy TOO! Taylor is only what? 17? I can’t in good conscience lust after him—not that I want to– so I’ve taken to encouraging any twi-tweens/teens I see to be Team Taylor, and to leave Rob to the REAL women!)

  6. stephenie meyer confirmed that taylor will be playing jacob black in new moon!

    i never thought i was in any way emotionally invested in that issue until today when i read stephenie’s post in her blog and was surprised to find myself feeling that life is good again! :p

    so happy for taylor!

    but love rob more of course.always, always! 🙂

  7. @themoonisdown
    I am looking to the next Twilosophy post. It makes me feel better to have these “serious” discussions about TW along with all the lusting after Rob. I do think these books speak to women and what they are looking for in life and love.
    I hate when people trash talk Bella. She may seem pretty plain and simple on the outside but the girls got MOXIE! It takes someone pretty bright to know what they want and go after it with so much gumption. Bella Rocks!

    I wish Twilisophy could be my major. I could be a Dr. of Twilight. I think it could change the world…maybe even solve Global Warming!

  8. @ Mrs.P – I love how you say leave Rob to the REAL women! That’s right!! Send Rob over to all of us Cougars!! We’ll take good care of him. 🙂

  9. […] reading through New Moon again and completely identifying with your depression and near insanity over losing Edward, […]

  10. omg, i soooooo agree with you vickyb!
    i had to go through a break up with my boyfriend before i realized how much i couldn’t live with out him. and i may be young but this storry so reminds me of my relationship. you know… with out all the vampire stuff.
    and i think about how much i hate that break up scene in new moon and how much i hated knowing that edward was somewhere with out bella and bella was with jacob.. (i mean i love jacob in all but i mean come on! edward is better) and also the possibility that crossed my mind that .. edward wasn’t coming back?! that made me cry so much. but it all made her realize that she couldn’t live with out him. and just like they say..


    its soooo true. 😦

  11. When I read twilight I was in live complete shock how good the book was and the romance and I can’t understand why they could break up (didn’t read NM) I just think if they do break up I would really be like soo sad, oh and I heard bella is supposed to get pregent by someone can wait to get the series

  12. Well I am glad I am not crazy LOL. The entire series got me through a very hard time, and death of a family member and it was the perfect escape. Now I find myself reading other books and going back to the series and I love reading twilight and I always tell myself I will just read the first book and then it sucks me in…
    Seriously I need a filler…. I think I will go hang out and Barnes and Noble for a while **sigh**

  13. I re-read it like a month ago (now I’m re-reading Eclipse) and I figure it out that after re-read it, NM was my least favourite book of the series, but now it’s my favourite. So weird, but true. The pain bella suffers, the unbearable pages when you now Edward is going to leave her, and she has no clue, and she thinks they’re going to leave together, you want to shout to Bella to warn her. It’s so sad. I think I haven’t cried that much in a book since Dumbledore’s death in HP6 (Actually I cried like a 6587 times in NM). I also like more Jacob in the re-reading. The first time a read it, I couldn’t wait to Edward re-appear and to Jacob go with her puppy friends away (now, I love Jacob). So, yeah, I think just like you, Bella’s feelings are so well written by Stephenie!
    Love the site girls!

  14. Ah ha ha ha! i love the picture of Taylor. I love him so much. *drools*

    I totally agree! I’m actually doing a school english project on New Moon and I reread it for about the fourth time. I found myself staying up until around four in the morning for a week until I finished it. The break up makes me cry every time, as does when Bella leaves Jacob behind for Edward.

    I’m an Edward/Bella supporter because then that leaves Jacob free!… That is until Renesme comes along…

    Love the article, btws.

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