We’re 2nd hand embarassed

Dear Twilight haters (including UnintendedChoice’s husband),

Introducing the first video for our new series, “2nd-hand embarrassment:”

It was confirmed by this video that what we do is NOwhere near the nerdiness or embarrassment as stuff like this. I mean sure we take pictures with Edward pillows and stalk Borders employees looking for sold out calendars but we do NOT rewrite lyrics to songs or re-enact scenes from the movie and put them on the internet for everyone to see… at least not this week we don’t. After the cut watch more of these gems! We’ll be bringing you more of these every week cause there are TONS of them…talk about crafty fans!

Save a Volvo, Ride a Vampire
this is my (themoonisdown) favorite or hers! “All the Cullens say… save a volvo ride a vampire!”

Imprinting on Your Daughter
I just keep waiting for her Mom to walk in on her making these!

Check out more videos by “NikMarie

7 Responses

  1. Wow, and all I do is write crappy articles. What kind of slacker geek am I? I liked Bubbly. That song always reminded me of Bella and Jacob.

  2. omg. i think the best thing about these videos is that she’s in her… kitchen.

  3. I have to say, that I love how she keeps looking left and right of the camera. Is she reading the lyrics or what? It almost hurts to watch these, and yet there is a tiny *HuGE* part of me that wants to sit down, rework an Amy Winehouse song, and kill it on my Sony VidCam!!

    Is it mE?!?

  4. “they tried to make me go to jacksonville i said NOOO NOOO nooo!”

    DO IT!!! ha!

    i want her mom, or little brother or someone to come in or someone to stand behind her. SO amazing… check out her channel she has more videos up and apparently she’s teaming up with some other twi-girl to do more.

  5. […] save a volvo ride a vampire lyrics – Heck no we did not write this ‘parody song’ but we definitely make fun of it! […]

  6. Hehe! This is just…wrong. At least I can’t feel dorky about anything I do. Thank god we didn’t have youtube when I was in high school. Oh the things that would be haunting me now…

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