Resolutions we promise to keep longer than a week

Dear Fellow Twilighters-

So it’s that time of year where people are looking back and getting nostalgic and making resolutions they will inevitably break in the new year… so we thought, what the heck? Let’s join in on the fun and write our twi-solutions! Seriously, we’re not going to stop with the twi-words.


Freaks coming to a town near you!

In 2009 we promise to…

1. Make a pilgrimage to Forks, WA and maybe drag along some pals to terrorize this lovely town.

2. Bring you coverage and live ‘Letters’ from the red carpet premiere of New Moon… are you listening Summit Entertainment marketing dept?! You need us, we’re professionals! Seriously, email us.


you call this music?! why yes, I'll torture myself for your reading pleasure!

3. Torture your eyes and ears with as many 100 Monkeys videos as we can find/take/make.

4. Convince Stephenie Meyers to finish Midnight Sun in a timely fashion (like by Feb. 1st or something)

5. Make Kristen Stewart aka Sour Puss smile at least 3-4 times by our hilarious commentaries.

6. Bring you even more shirtless pictures of Kellan while making inappropriate comparisons between him and that hot guy from your youth group who was nice to everyone.


Us, New Moon premiere!

7. Start to v-log occasionally (UnintendedChoice might even perform a hit like “All I want for Christmas is a Twilight Calendar” live on video)


More girls! More Alice!

8. Actually start featuring more Twilight girls on this site! We love you Ashley Greene and Alice and Anna Kendrick and Angela and sometimes Kristen Stewart! Enough with these boys, girl power!

9. Keep bringing you all the best in Rob letters and mild obsessions over at

In 2009 we promise NOT to:

1. Bore you with any more news/links of Rob Pattinson’s 2 week old haircut. Time to find something NEW to post about mainstream media! You are boring us. Try finding him playing that guitar he took back to London with him. Now THAT would be newsworthy! DUH!!

2. We promise to KEEP our promise to NEVER call Robert Pattinson: BOB. ever.

3. Not to leave you alone in your OCD– Obsessive Cullen Disorder… we’re in this together people!

Lastly, our most important resolution and promise for 2009 is:

To meet Rob Pattinson and have him fall madly in love with us.


Feel the love in 2009!

simple enough…

XO and all the best in ’09!
-Us, themoonisdown and unintendedchoice

Do you have any twi-solutions?

19 Responses

  1. […] posted our New Years Resolutions over at LetterstoTwilight and included our Rob-solutions (HA) in there as well. Hit that up and let us know your rob/twilight […]

  2. haha YESS!! i love these!

  3. How odd. I used the word ‘pilgrimage’ just today to describe a trip to Forks for my cousins and I this year.

  4. Oh, and Happy New Year!

  5. I’ve already been online looking at Twilight trips (actual planned ones through travel agents, scary!)…and trying to come up with a few reasons why my husband should take me versus a vacation he would enjoy.

    Apparently “pilgrimage” to Forks is quite the money-maker now!

    BTW, just discovered your blog and I love you guys for making me feel less alone in my mildly obsessive Twilight world!


    Especially this one:
    “Actually start featuring more Twilight girls on this site! We love you Ashley Greene and Alice and Anna Kendrick and Angela and sometimes Kristen Stewart! Enough with these boys, girl power!”

  7. not to worry mrs p, we’ve got some twilight gals letters brewing!!

    welcome to the letters crew!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can we add Haley Williams to the Twilight gals letter list? I mean I know she wasn’t “IN” Twilight (unless you count that video they ripped off/made for Decode) but I just like her…I think it’s because of the way she says “He-re”. Besides she loves Twilight as much as us.

    • I love her b/c she’s from Nashy and I went to school there (plus she got to have a mock DATE with RPatts! little biatch)

      Of COURSE we’re gonna add Hayley to our gal’s letter list- She’s a Twi-gal for sure!

  9. OMG YESSSS hayley williams! i just ‘wrote a letter’ to her in my head last night after i got out of the car last night.

    swoon girlcrush… she is one of the orignial twi-girls

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  11. […] talking to her could you tell her to put a move on it with finishing of Midnight Sun?! We’re breaking resolutions because of […]

  12. […] It’s time to check in on the state of our of New Year’s Resolutions! Remember when we promised to do stuff back on January 1st in the name of this blog? For those of you who are new to these fair blogs, UC and I made […]

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