Twilosophy Vol. 1

Dearest philosophical Twi-hard,


This image has NOTHING to do with Twilosophy. Enjoy!

I present to you our first official version of Twilight Philosophy: aka Twilosophy.  So very often, theMoonisDown and I have such introspective conversations about Twi-life, but we miss out on sharing them with you due to our busy schedules providing pictures for Perez to rip off, writing hit Twi-mas songs and updating the world on all-things-Rob.

We don’t want you to think we’re shallow, or incapable of talking about the deeper aspects of living the Twi-life. Plus my husband majored in Philosophy in college, so I’m kinda an expert.

Warning: This week’s twilosophy contains spoilers

Tonight I had a revelation: While Rob Pattinson looks to be jizzing in his pants during the first Biology scene in the movie, he is, in fact, acting just as Stephenie Meyer hoped Edward would act. Last night I started re-reading Midnight Sun. (It’s not like I had anything better to do- dishes haven’t been done since before Christmas, there is still wrapping paper in shreads in the living room and I haven’t cleaned the cat’s litter box in over a week, but whatevs)

Reading Midnight Sun, you’re struck with just HOW MUCH Edward wanted to kill Jizz in my Pants Rob PattinsonBella. I thought to myself “UnintendedChoice (just kidding, I rarely call myself that), how would YOU act like you’re about to kill an innocent teenager and massacre an entire classroom?” And if we remember back to Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire, we learned that sucking the blood of a victim is quite a sensual experience. And Edward even imagines it..taking his time with Bella’s warm blood…so it makes sense that he would act like, well, he jizzed in his pants.

Forgot how awesome the movie was? (how could you?!) Thanks to a Chinese pirate, we can watch the entire movie in sections here.

(Read our first unofficial run at Twilosophy here)

6 Responses

  1. Why it looks like Robert Pattinson jizzed his pants is not philosophy. Although I’m not married to someone who majored in philosophy, so I must not be the expert you clearly are.

  2. Hey, Its Jeremy from Twilog, I never thought to associate Rice’s Interview with Twilight. Each and every time I thought of a vampire (prior to Twilight, of course), I had always pictured Brad and Tom, and before I head read/watched Interview, I always picture vampires as Joss Whedon portrayed them in Buffy/Angel.

    I guess what I am saying is, before Twilight, vamps didn’t look like they jizzed themselves, more like they just had a (I’m trying to put this as elegantly as possibly) raging hard-on ;). And to see Rob writhing around like he was a 16 year old boy losing his virginity, is kind of funny. And I know when Whitley reads this, you are going to put all kinds of images that will take weeks for me to undo ;).

    – Jeremy

    • @Jeremy HA! hilarious…. and can i say.. you’re our SECOND MALE COMMENTER (that i’m aware of) and technically the first b/c the first guy was my friend and I made him post :):)

      So glad you stopped by! xo

  3. 3rd, don’t forget fake’real sam bradley!

    @jeremy/twilog – WELCOME! We are in definite need of any sort of male perspective!

    i think thats probably one of the best things about the twilight series and the thing that draws most people in, it’s NOT your typics brad/tom vamp story it’s a bit more ‘human’ and about the story vs all the mythology.

  4. […] from Letters To Twilight said it best: “…Rob Pattinson looks to be jizzing in his […]

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