twicalendar02Dear Makers of Official Calender


No Love,

Neither unintendedchoice or myself received said calendar for Christmas because there were none to be had not ANYWHERE. And trust me, if my mom couldn’t find it. NO ONE could. Look what I’m going to miss on my birthday month?! REALLY, what am I supposed to use now to keep track of days at work?

Oh and I hear July’s an especially HOT month featuring Carlisle… but guess we’ll never know.

6 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry. I’ll keep an eye out when I get back to PHX.

  2. you rule christa! i’m still on the hunt!

  3. My friend got one of those for christmas.. I’ll ask her where..

  4. These are impossible to find, and they are selling on EBAY for $200 bucks…Those people are CRAZY if they think I’m paying that for anything made of paper and ink.

  5. I just got threatened by a seller on Craigslist…He said he only has one for $75 bucks, and he has “others” interested in it so I better move fast! WHAT!??
    Doesn’t he know I’m a rabid Twilight Fan! You can’t THREATEN me….I THREATEN YOU!!

  6. […] you’re proving them wrong! Now if only you could sell the official calendar you might single-handedly save our entire economy. Are you listening Warren Buffet and Barack […]

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