Midnight Sun

midnightsunDear Stephenie-

I started reading Midnight Sun last night and it was like falling in love all over again… but maybe this time it was better, sweeter and with a deeper understanding and appreciation for it. I laughed out loud several times and also felt a lot of kinship and sadness for Tanya… always the Tanya, never the Bella.

I’m on chapter 5 and I can’t possibly begin to think that you haven’t/won’t finish this book. It seriously ranks up there in like the top 2 of my favorites in this series. You really hit your stride here taking on Edwards perspective. PLEASE finish this and publish it, I will buy it, I will stand in line, I will blog about it! PLEASE, it is my Christmas wish from one Arizona girl to another.


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  2. Make that 2 Arizona girls to another!

    As a writer, I can’t imagine getting such a wonderful start on something and completely abandoning it. I certainly understand your feelings one the matter, Stephenie. I would be angry if my paltry 55 pages (hey, it’s a start!) were to be posted without my permission for all to see. It would be embarrassing for everyone to see the typos of these very unpolished pages. It would also be hard for me for everyone to see it before I was ready to part with it. It’s a very personal thing for me so far. As a fan though, I want to tell you that this is some of your best writing yet. From the very first, seeing how mind-numbingly boring Edward’s life was, I felt for this character all over again. It was like I had never known him, and I was meeting him for the first time. It has been so fun going back and re-reading Twilight armed with new knowledge and seeing that it was all there right to begin with.

    I’ll make you a deal, Steph. I’ll keep writing if you do. Then maybe one day soon we can meet and I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Oh crap, I can see that when I get home and can access the file again, I’m going to have to finish my Open Letter To Stephenie Meyer. Thank you for enabling me, Letters to Twilight!

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  4. I hope she finishes MS soon!!! ::sigh:: I don’t even wanna think what Forever Dawn might be like…since that is truly a Unicorn…she only made it for her sister as a bday gift…but apparently its not so rated G as the other books…maybe one day if we all cross our fingers and close our eyes really tight and tap our shoes together while we chant ‘Forever Dawn’ 3 times…

  5. i really hope stephenie will finsh midnight sun because i really think it better than twilight. it really shows how the cullens live and how edward fell in love with bella. so i thinks its really good.

  6. Hi steph, I really think that you should finish midnight sun. Many fans are sad that your story leaked. I did’t read the copy until you put it on your website. Your books inspire many people old and young all the same. I think you would make a lot of girls really happy. Like me?

  7. I’m hoping this’ll be read by Stephenie. I’m an avid reader of books. Go through about 1 a week I’d say. I didn’t even know that this series was out there until the movie. My wife found that it was a series of books. Honestly these books are absolutely, hands down, the most ENTHRALLING of any I’ve read. Once you’ve read them its easy to see why people obsess. When you posted Midnight Sun on your site I couldn’t help, but read it. Although where it stopped was like going down a set of stairs and the next step was missing. I don’t want to seem to belittle your feelings here, but IMHO you shouldn’t let it hold so much power over you that you would halt such an amazing work in progress. Speaking for the guys out there its great to see the main man’s thought process taking place. Your amazingly insightful to the male perspective. I can only hope you will allow Edward to have his full say and I look forward to seeing that title on the shelves, and as soon as I do it’ll be paid for and immediately devoured on the way home where it will take its place next to the others.

  8. where do you fing the book THe Mid Night SUn??? i cant fid it in the libaries

  9. I have read and reread, and read and reread Midnight Sun. I love it. It makes me understand Edward so much better, his insecurities, his fears, his passions. I want so much to see more of his world, of his mind. I want to witness to his thoughts and feelings as his relationship with Bella grows and becomes this life-sustaining entity for the both of them. Please, please, please give me a release date for this book. I gotta have it!

  10. This is from all my friends down here is the big state of texas! u have to have to have to finish midnight sun i would die without another twilight book!!! PLEASE!!! for ur fellow fans and TWILIGHT LUVERS!!!!!!!!

  11. omg i love yuur books yuur a truly amazing writer yur book are wow! i read em all and looking foward for more

  12. When does this book come out? I loved the twilight series and the host and i can’t wait to read Midnight Sun….

  13. omeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! i luv midnight sun i 2 would di3 without another twilight book plz write more plzzzzzzzzz 4 all ur fans all over da world plzzzzzzzzzzz
    peace & love

  14. I didn’t want to read this (knowing that it was not yet finished) but couldn’t help myself..it was amazing and l also found myself laughing out loud in parts. Its so great to read this and feel it from Edward’s perspective.. I fell in love all over again..had to pick up Twilight and reread the entire series again (4th time)..
    Please please Stephanie ..you KNOW what these books do to us.. please finish the book..you truly have a gift (p.s. if you have time (lol) I also love the host and we need a second to that one as well! ❤ your mind so much

  15. Please finish this book… I’m from switzerland and I started to read the book even I knew it’s not finished yet. I know it was a hard time for you but maybe you’ll do it for your fans:D because I love all of your 4 books, i’ve read it 3 times in german and 1 time in english and i’ve watched the dvd 10000 times….!!

  16. i agree with you.
    to stephanie :
    “please finish this book, there is many your fans waiting for that book. include Aceh , Indonesian. i’m gonna be crazy hope this book will publish in aceh. I and another your fans entire the world lay hope on you. WE LOVE YOU.”

    Cut nurul hayati
    from Aceh, Indoesian.

  17. where can i find the midnight sun… please tell!!!
    you may send it to my email///// please delmaze_02@yahoo.com

  18. After reading MS it broke my heart to know that Stephanie was not planning on finishing it. But for some reason I still have hope that she will realize how many people loved hearing Edward’s side and will finish the book. I know no one knows if she will finish it or is in the process of it, but please let me know if there is any chance of it getting done. I’ll cross my fingures and hold my breath!

  19. I am like everyone above and am hoping Stephenie finishes/publishes this book. Everyone I know who has read the saga is waiting with anticipation to see if this book comes out. Stephenie, I saw on your site you have been reading this site-can you PLEASE, PLEASE give all of your fans an update about Midnight Sun.

  20. Dear Stephanie,

    Please, please, please finish Midnight Sun. I have read the draft you published and I think it’s the best book of all of them and that means a lot. I love all the Twilight books and can’t get enough of them but reading things from Edward’s perspective is so different. There is so much more info here that really ads to the story. Please finish it. I know all the fans including me will buy the book even if part of it was already put on the internet. Somehow the series does not seem complete now without Midnight Sun. Let Edward have his voice please!

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