Making a list, checking it twice

camgapDear Cam-

Walking through the mall today was like being herded with a bunch of cattle. Then I saw your smiling face in Gap and it made it a smidge more bearable…

a smidge.


Watch more of Cam at the Gap photoshoot… he says “my next future wife” uh what?

Cam Gigandet's GAP Ad
Cam Gigandet’s GAP Ad

7 Responses

  1. my heart went pitter patter the first time i saw his smiling face in gap.. but only b/c i hoped they did photos with other cast members. alas, they did not 😦

    Loved ya in the OC, Cam, even though you killed Marissa….

  2. dude which twilight cast member WASNT in the oc??! seriously we need to do a 6 degrees of separation from the oc or something.

  3. THATS why he was so familiar! our most favorite show ever, how could i forget. they should have gotten adam brody to play eric.

  4. OMG his one and only- you’re right.. they SHOULD HAVE gotten adam brody to play eric!!

  5. aw crap! this is what I get for reading old post while I am at work….I didn’t know he killed Marissa!! guess I won’t be needing to watch THAT season now! =P

    • oh GIRL!!! NO!! sorry to spoil it!
      you HAVE to watch.. it’s crazy…. and i do love the 4th season… moon doesn’t’ 100% agree with me, but I thought it was so good!

  6. […] can we talk about how flipping cute you are in the Gap ads? During Christmas you were the only thing keeping me from going postal in the mall. Whenever I was feeling particularly NOT FULL OF CHEER I would find the nearest Gap and look at […]

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