Sometimes Twilight IS worth losing your job over..

We received this message today via Facebook and just had to share:

Dear LettersToTwilight bloggers,

i have spent each of my prep times (45 mins- we have to prep things each day) this week reading the 5th twilight [midnight sun]. so if anyone finds out and fires me, i’m hoping you can possibly hire me to be a full-time blog writer on your blog. benefits and retirement included. just something comparable to what the [school] district is giving me.

Leanne, we’d love to have you. We understand that sometimes you lose your job because you just.can’t.stop the obsession. (Currently I am about to lose my husband if I don’t join him for dinner in 10 seconds..)

A lesson for all of our readers- Twilight and all things Twilight (like Robert Pattinson) require sacrifice. But it is oh so worth it…

Oh no! That was 47 seconds…

8 Responses

  1. Hello Ladies. I simply had to tell you how WONDERFUL this site is! I’m not even sure how I stumbled across it. You both have me in STITCHES! Please keep this up, as often as possible – or cosider letting me join in the fun. Maybe if I provide a sample of my work? All I need is a contact email… 🙂 Thanks again for making my night. I’ll check back often!

  2. Melanie THANKS for reading! We love meeting new friends. and of course- we’d LOVE to have you submit something, as well! that’s what we’re here for- if we can’t meet & be friends with the cast/characters, we might as well have fake, online conversations with them, right!? 🙂

    Send submissions to

    I’ll send this comment to your email as well, in case you don’t check back right away. So glad to make your night- you made ours!

  3. melanie!! we love writing them just as much as you love reading them! send yours over and bring your pals!

    do you blog?

  4. HELP!
    i google twilight/robert pattinson every day its making me feel so bad
    ive been like this for about a year but after the movie i just got worse.
    i am litetarlly in love with Edward. Ive read the books more than 5 times (yeah im sick) help what can i do:(

    • anakaren- GIRL.. we know how you feel! I’m married, 25 and completely obsessed! But that’s why we’re here– seriously- WRITE A LETTER! write to rob, write to stephenie, write to Forks, WHATEVER.. just write a letter for us to post and we will (send to it really helps:) i promise! and keep reading! You won’t feel so alone in your obsession!!! YOU’RE NOT! while our letters are written a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ a lot of times, they’re all based on the fact that!
      welcome! and thanks for commenting!

  5. I recently told my boyfriend I was quitting my job and moving to Forks. His response? “I know. It’s not a bad idea. I hear we can get housing pretty cheap there.” We? Yep, he’ll move there with me. Won’t move to Chicago with me if I plan to move back to be with my family, but he’ll move from Phoenix to oh-so-sunny Forks. I suspect he might be planning to laugh at me if I can’t find the Cullens’ house.

    • i LOVE this! and your boyfriend! he’s a keeper!

      maybe when themoonisdown and i make our Hajj to Forks, you can come along!

  6. i think we need to have a group pilgrimage to forks because my cousin wants to come too! and i bet we can get ‘his one and only’ in on the fun. we can do a side trip to port angeles and eat at bella italiana which apparently exists in real life! dude, 09 is our year for hajj to forks.

    and anakaren you are not alone, welcome to twilight-anonymous!! only not so anonymous, we own our issues here! Pull up a chair…

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