Renesmee Cullen

Dear Renesmee,

When the movie studios decide to tell your story after Stephanie Meyers is over her feeling of “not going back to Forks” and realizes she must write your story, can I star as the grown-up you?

Renesmee Cullen

And if that’s okay, will it be okay if I try to seduce the man who plays your father?

Thanks for considering me. (If it helps, I’m a vegetarian too)

P.S. your boyfriend kissed your Mommy and wanted to do more. Ask Daddy


13 Responses

  1. PPS your moms 17yr old boyfriend/best friend/crush is romantically linked to you through some mystical unexplainable ancient native american origins.

    good luck being normal. let me know if you need the name of a good therapist.

  2. What is that girl’s name in the picture of Renesmee?

  3. errr…well. i definitely see Bella in you, but not much Edward…

  4. That little girl is sooooo cute. Does anyone know if she is going to play renesmee because she is perfect. That is how she is supposed to look by the end of the book. And her hair is really pretty. She is adorable.

  5. What is that girl’s name! I need to know!

    • Renesmee carlie cullen/ mackenzie foy

  6. you guys r so stupid!! this is not a little girl. this is a computer-made girl. dumb asses

    • my feelings just got hurt.

    • It is a photoshopped picture of a little girl. But it is an actual little girl.

  7. linky dinky for you

  8. did yall ever think about this: if Bella did marry and have a kid with Jacob then Jacob would imprint on the kid. Jacob was destined to imprint on Bella’s daughter. ewww. my cousin and i were talking about this the other day and think the same. gross.

  9. Your wrong. IF she had chosen him, he wouldn’t have ever imprinted. Besides, Bella was meant to choose Edward. Jacob wasn’t destined to imprint on HER daughter, he was meant to imprint on her and Edward’s daughter. That’s weird to think that he would imprint on his own daughter.

  10. and the guy she falls in love with, had a thing for her mom…..

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