For moms just like you…

Dear Twilight,

Today my mom’s best friend from college posted on my Facebook wall (What? Yeah, my mom’s best friend from college has facebook and yeah, I’m friends with her despite not seeing her since I was 12. Is that weird or something?) Anyway, she posted on my wall asking this very important question:

“okay, I am curious…what is twilight? and why is it all the rage?”

You know as much as anyone how much I love to talk Twilight. But, um, I like to discuss the intricacies of the chemistry ON the set between Rob and Kristen vs the non-existent chemistry we find NOW in promo vids. Is she really asking what Twilight is…? Now??

I’m sorry mom’s best friend from college whom I haven’t spoken to in 13 years, you’re going to have to use GOOGLE or something instead of wasting MY precious time asking me such simple, obvious questions.

Actually, I’m not a biatch, so this is what I really wrote:

Oh Amy *hugs* I miss you so much. Remember that one time your son and I kissed when we were 3? What good memories! HA! Anyway.. Twilight is a story about a mortal teenage girl who falls in love with a VAMPIRE. And not just ANY Vampire- but Edward Cullen- a “vegetarian,” animal-eating, INCREDIBLY HANDSOME vampire who steals her heart. Stephanie Meyer is a Morman with great morals who wrote the books (Yes, BOOKS! There are 4 in the series- go get them now!) and the first one has just been made into a MOVIE! It stars Robert Pattison *swoon* and Kristen Stewart. I know you’ll JUST love it! It’s not just for teen girls- it’s for real people like me and MOMs just like you!



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